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  1. Hakaru Moderator 9wk 2d ago

    Quote by magiciangirl I cropped off most of the excess part, but MT is not letting me upload an updated version right now, so I'll have to try later.

    Quote by Hakaru Maybe it would better if you crop off the rectangle excess parts of the scan.

    MT's sever is probably recongnising as a both scan. I can remove your previous submission for you to post the alternative version, causes the update features are gone.

  2. Hakaru Moderator 10wk 5d ago

    please don't overwork yourself, i'm not in a hurry to get saiyuki scans >_<

  3. Hakaru Moderator 10wk 6d ago

    Surprisingly the animators corrected various unnoticed animation mistakes, which is a good thing. As showed in imagine-nation, they redrawn goku's hair when it's told that the previous version looks too fluff(?). Kanzeon Bosatsu's recap summary video, it does help because her pointed out the key events happened in the manga.

    I understand why Gaiden was redone as the previous anime adoptions are in bits and pieces, Anpro continued where Pierrot left off, Minekura probably wanted to present Gaiden as a whole. Hopefully, Platinum Vision will retain the staffs for future anime adoption of srb.

    p.s. I hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend.

  4. Hakaru Moderator 11wk 0d ago

    They also did a good job with retelling of key characters's past. I think this adoption was successful because the producer wanted it closer the manga, as less anime original as possible. though the writers made it very clear that there's going be to an anime ending as the manga is still ongoing.

    It could be Kazuya Minekura's way of answering the fans; questioning what might have happened to Zakuro after his disappearances in Reload manga.

  5. Hakaru Moderator 11wk 0d ago

    Quote by magiciangirlThey are alive actually. In a scene that has so far been left out from the anime, you see the entire Kougaji-ikkou together (Kou, Dokugaku, Yaonne and Lirin somewhere in room-- not sure if it's Houtou Castle, but they were watching Kou train). This was before the Battle at Sharak's temple and since then, the two females have not been seen anywhere.

    The writers left out the minor details again. Did the manga also explain who's the one whom revived Nataku?
    So...Nataku was a fail-safe if the Sanzo Ikkou is proven to be useless to the Sanbutsushin. Then, there's this mysterious human girl predicting a certain prophecy with her demon companion.

  6. Hakaru Moderator 11wk 1d ago

    I wonder if Yaone and Lirin had died in Reload manga or something.
    Dokugakuji's death reminds of how Koumyou died protecting Kouryuu.

  7. Steffi1690 Moderator 11wk 4d ago

    Quote by magiciangirl

    Quote by Steffi1690 Hey, do you per chance have the poster where Cardia and Finis are on it?
    When yes, can you scan it please?

    I'm going to guess I don't because it doesn't sound familiar to me. Can you show me a picture of it so I can make sure? >.< I don't recall a poster of those two at all-- juts the CGs part of the Future Blessing games.

    Will have to search for it. It's in one of the Dengeki magazines.

  8. Steffi1690 Moderator 11wk 5d ago

    Hey, do you per chance have the poster where Cardia and Finis are on it?
    When yes, can you scan it please?

  9. Hakaru Moderator 13wk 0d ago

    Thanks for your explanation on Saiyuki Series(*^^)v

  10. Hakaru Moderator 13wk 3d ago

    Quote by magiciangirl

    Quote by Hakaru Do you enjoy the anime adoption of saiyuki reload blast?

    I absolutely LOVE IT. As a very long time fan of this series, it was always my dream to be able to enjoy Saiyuki at it's peak right as the animation broadcasts in Japan. Ten years ago, that would've been impossible, but thanks to technology and streaming services, I can now watch it on Crunchyroll merely one hour after it airs in Japan. Not only that, but to be able to revel in the hype of the fandom as we get a new episode and character goods roll out one after another, I could not possibly be more happier.

    As for the animation quality itself, I think this is the best one yet and the studio producing the series has done an incredible job capturing Minekura's unique art style as well as bringing the world of Saiyuki to life like never before. When I watch the animation, I feel like I could almost be there right now. The best part of course, is that original Japanese cast has returned to voice the roles of the characters they've played for so long, and, after having Seki Toshihiko in person a year ago, I couldn't possibly be more happy to hear him as Sanzo again as he was, is, and will always be, my favorite character.

    I have mixed feeling for this adoption, it's good that many of seiyuu reprises their roles but once again specific manga arc will skipped.
    And of course, the animation is very impressive.

    It's seems that the Sanzo Ikkou had fight with Ukoku in the original manga. So whatever happen to Ni Jianyi, why is he reported missing in RB?

  11. Hakaru Moderator 13wk 5d ago

    Do you enjoy the anime adoption of saiyuki reload blast?

  12. Hakaru Moderator 14wk 1d ago

    Quote by magiciangirl You're most welcome! I'm really happy to be able to contribute to the Saiyuki gallery in particular, as it was searching originally for high quality images that led me to discover Minitokyo back in 2006.

    As for Saiyuki Gaiden, Anime News Network offers a very good short summary that's not a spoiler.

    The only thing I would recommend adding to it for clarification about this prequel is: this story features the former lives of Genjyo Sanzo (Konzen), Cho Hakkai (Tenpou), and Gojyo (Kenren) when they were gods in heaven, how Goku was brought there and what ultimately led to their fallout from heaven and Goku's 500 year imprisonment prior to being found by Genjyo Sanzo in the main story. This previous information is not considered spoilers; the series is introduced as such by the author so readers can understand the premise of the story.

    I hope that's of some help.

    Unfortunately, MT does not accept summaries taken from other sites.
    Since I only watched the anime adoptions, I'm having some issues writing summaries for saiyuki franchise (>﹏<)

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